Focusing on Credit & Payments Solutions

Polly A. Bauer & Associates monitors and evaluates credit regulations and compliance issues that can have a major impact on your profitability —$3 to 30 million in a single payment assessment.

Scope of Services

Reviews: corporate policies and procedures, payments, policies and systems, and exception management procedures from a payments perspective with particular focus on recurring payments, returns, disputes, sales cancelations, fraud prevention and detection, and international payments.

Audits: Sales websites to assess regulatory compliance with Card Associations pertaining to online payments and transactions.

Analyzes: transaction process flow in regards to gateways, authorization guidelines, declined transactions, capture and settlement procedures.

Compliance Checks: PCIDSS Security Standards mandates to protect merchant + cardholders.

Vetting of Third Party Vendors: to minimize merchant exposure.

Best Business Practice Recommendations: for implementation to reduce Card Association fees, fines and violations.

Introduction to Global Business Partnerships: Introduction to strategic alliances in technology, payment, banking and pay card industries.

Education: C-Level Executives, Operations Management, Fraud Analysts

Getting Started, a Roadmap for Growth

Establish a baseline of payment operations with a Payments Assessment. Polly Bauer & Associates audits every facet of your business as related to payments and provides a roadmap to increased revenues and compliance utilizing proven best business practices.

On-Going Support, Expert Advice at Your Fingertips

Make crucial business decisions with confidence and experience on your side. Polly A. Bauer personally advises C-level Executives and Senior Payments Professionals on business opportunities and challenges pertaining to credit cards and payments, industry mandates, and regulatory changes.

Consulting Expertise, Special Engagement Projects