Topics Include: Professional Credibility, National Payment & Online Shopping Trends, & State of the Union

Keynote Speech (up to 65 minutes): Delivered in the U.S. $12,500; delivered internationally $17,000.

Full Day Program: Delivered in the U.S. $20,000; delivered internationally $27,000.

Deposit: 50% of the speaking fee is required to confirm the date. The remaining 50% payment is due 30 days before speech.

Travel Expenses: Travel expenses will be added to the speaking fee, which include unrestricted round-trip coach airfare, ground transportation, and moderate meals. Hotels should be guaranteed for late arrival and billed directly to your organization. First class airfare is required for international travel.

Cancellation Policy: If the program is cancelled for any reason more than sixty (60) days prior to the agreed date, it’s our policy to reschedule within (12) twelve months for the same fee. Should you be forced to cancel the program sixty (60) days or less before the date of the program, the full speaking fee is due and payable by the date of the original program.

Note: Video and audio rights are negotiable

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