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Polly A Bauer

Innovative Credit + Payment Expert and author of the award-winning book The Plastic Effect.

Why Polly Bauer?

You want a motivational keynoter who can educate your credit-driven, online business owners and distributors on new payment technologies, fraud protection and mobile compliance with true common sense, caring and humor.

Fee Range: ($12,000 – $20,000)

As CEO of Polly Bauer & Associates, a corporate speaking and consulting firm, Polly speaks before twenty-five or more corporations, professional associations and women’s organizations each year. She is one of a select few to achieve the highest level in the professional speaking industry—Certified Professional Speaker. Clients and audiences alike characterize Polly as high energy, entertaining, inspiring and action-oriented


“Polly begins to ignite the audience from the moment she steps on the podium. She keeps everyone’s attention and wraps up on a high note. Her speech was definitely the talk of the conference.”

Back to the Future: Why Credit Cards Aren’t Going Away

Contrary to popular forecasts, alternative payments are additional options. Polly makes the counterintuitive case that plastic is here to stay, “Credit cards are still the foundation of payments.”  While too many leaders are “all in” with new payment technologies, like Bitcoin and  other cybercurrency, the greatest opportunity for growth and expansion is to get back in your De Lorean time-machines and keep a balanced focused on credit cards. Minor adjustments within your corporation’s payments policies and procedures could mean millions in recovered revenue.

The Plastic Effect: How the Use and Misuse of Credit InfluencesYour Business

Addressing the model in her latest book,  The Plastic Effect, Polly explains that 100% of selling online is dependent on accepting cost-effect payments. Why you can’t ignore regulation changes, card association directives, security mandates and the fraud tsunami that’s headed to e-commerce.  It’s not business as usual.

Your Success is in the Cards

What every business owner and entrepreneur needs to know about credit to increase profits.  From National Payments Trends to how and why your customers wants to buy. Polly’s mantra: When your customers love you, they won’t leave you. It’s never about price.

She’ll give you the Top 5 Payments keys to keeping your customer buying.