6732787_ml_1Time is money and you need a consultant with the know-how and expertise to help you today. Polly Bauer & Associates understands every facet of payment operations and the requirements facing merchants in today’s global marketplace. Our expertise spans domestic and international acquiring, issuing, closed loop processing, private label card underwriting, e-commerce systems, authorizations, settlement, processing, dispute management, chargebacks, exception management, fraud prevention and detection fraud recovery, and arbitration. Below is a list of some of our most popular consulting engagements, however, if you have been referred to us for another service we can certainly provide the necessary assistance.

More on Our Services

Co-Branded Card Launches

A phenomenal revenue generating tool and a potential rewards program for your employees or members, launching a co-branded credit or debit card programis complex and time consuming. We are experienced with selecting an issuing partner based on your needs, managing the implementation process, guiding you through regulatory controls set by card associations and financial institutions, and serving as a liaison between you and the branded card provider.

EMV Migration

To increase security and decrease fraud, EMVCo member organizations (AmEx, Discover, JCB, MasterCard, UnionPay& Visa) developed new specifications for secure payment transactions. While widely seen as successful internationally, U.S. retailers are in the midst of migrating all systems and equipment to function on this improved technology. Our experienced team of payments professionals understand the guidelines, mandates, and technical requirements for assisting your staff with complying with EMV.

Fraud Prevention & Detection

With billions of payment cards and tens of millions of card terminals in use, merchants are combatting fraud on a daily basis. The nature of expanding into global markets increases fraudulent transaction attempts. All parties in a card transaction (the Cardholder, the Merchant, the Processor and the Issuer) are scrambling to protect themselves from fraud loss. Let our expertise developing fraud scoring systems and accessing data on known fraudsters go to work for your organization.

Global Expansion

Successful global expansion requires access to currencies for 120+ countries,extensive contacts with vendors and processors in-country, intricate compliance checklists, and technical systems to support global enterprises. International ventures have no room for errors pertaining to payments.

Mobile Payments

Customers paying with mobile wallets like Apple Pay and Android Pay, processing credit card payments in the field, and accepting payments by mobile apps is the future. Early adopters have begun using new payment technologies and your business must be ready to take these payments and do so securely. We participate in all new industry education and have the network to assist your corporation with staying relevant when it comes to mobile.

Payments Assessment

You know you need a payments assessment if your organization has received notification of a fine by your processor, chargebacks have increase, card decline rates are higher than your industry average, fraudulent transactions are on the rise, or your processor has requested additional reserves. Our complete audit of your business’ operations pertaining to sales and payments will put your company back on the roadmap to card association best business practices and regulatory compliance.

Payments Education

Corporate efforts to run a world-class, profitable business must include providing education to all parties within your company who have access to customer information and payment data. Our payment education series provides the necessary training information in a format which keeps participants engaged in the materials.

Payments Partner RFP

Securing the right payments partner reduces processing fees, maintenance charges, and non-qualified transaction costs. Hire us to create a Request for Proposal based on your unique needs and evaluate submissions based on a rubric of over 120 criteria for suitability.